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Mobile Business Intelligence

Are you looking for a compelling iPad or Tablet-based BI experience? Do you want your data delivered to a mobile device so you can see what’s happening in your business as it happens?

MetriLogic is able to provide a complete BI and Data Discovery experience on mobile, including interactive analysis, beautiful visuals, and instant search. An enterprise-class approach with complete security and manageability.

Curious? Take a step to learn more about what MetriLogic can do to get you deployed on Mobile BI fast.

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QlikView Mobile on the Apple iPad.  A fully interactive, associative experience using the same dashboards developed for the desktop and browser.

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Unstructured Data in your analytics?: view on-demand webinar
"Decoding Jagged & Unstructured Data" with Whirlpool and Endeca - now.


User-created Dashboards

As a business user, are you growing impatient waiting for IT to deliver the dashboards and analytic capabilities that you need to compete?

There’s good news: Data Discovery BI solutions make it possible to quickly create your own robust dashboards, which can be shared across your entire group including your customers and stakeholders.
MetriLogic can help you to end your dependence on IT.

Ask us for a no-obligation demo of what Business Dashboards, based upon the QlikView Associative experience, can do for you.

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View a movie overview of QlikView "Insight in just Five Clicks" on the QlikView Youtube channel.

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Read more about BI dashboards, and what MetriLogic offers to help get them in place for you.

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Business Intelligence

Are you looking to improve decision-making and performance of your operational processes?

New advances in BI technology provide help in daily decision-making required to manage and run the business optimally at the functional level.

Operational BI puts different demands on technology than does executive or management BI. Data refresh time frames are often much shorter: intra-day to real-time; with very low latency. Transaction-level visibility is essential.

Learn more about what MetriLogic can offer for Operational BI.

View: VIP Automotive Operational BI profile.
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