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MetriLogic offers a complete service to take your Business Intelligence project all the way from initial strategy and concept, through to final user training and deployment.  This includes:
         Sales & Licensing - Installation & Configuration - Data Acquisition - Development - Support & Enhancement
Our specific service offerings are detailed below:

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Services we offer:

Strategy Development & Alignment - Determine the projects that will align with corporate goals and strategy, moving in incremental steps along a defined road map that offers you the greatest payback in the least time.  We can help identify or assess your current state of readiness, your potential user communities and use cases, and review internal data and external data options.
Data Modeling - Data contained in your business systems is usually optimized for processing by your business applications, such as manufacturing, order and materials management, ERP, etc.  We can work with you to reshape the data into the form that represents the way your business users view the data, so that it is intuitive for them to use in the BI processes.
Technology Acquisition - Project goals and timeline, determine needed software technology and related tools and hardware.  Once the needed components are determined for your project, MetriLogic can help you acquire the technology by managing vendor reviews and licensing key software components directly.
Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) - Data locked inside your business applications must be moved on bulk load and an incremental recurring basis into your BI environment.  MetriLogic can design and configure the processing jobs to ensure that your analysis data is accurate and up-to-date without impacting critical business processing.
Data Warehouse Design & ArchitectureIf your objectives require the benefits of a data warehouse, MetriLogic Data Architects have the skills and experience to provide you with the data performance, capacity, and accuracy needed to meet your needs for enterprise analysis, data governance & lineage, and compliance.
Data Management - This includes data quality, meta data management, and data governance.  The value you receive from your BI investment is directly related to the quality of the underlying data that is analyzed.  More importantly, you need to be confident in your ability to accurately and quickly prove the source of any data point which is used to make business decisions.  MetriLogic help you establish trusted meta data management and data governance processes.
Installation and Development - MetriLogic will install and configure your BI software to optimize performance, reliability, availability, and ease of maintenance.  Our developers can quickly create the needed system infrastructre and outputs that will best support your objectives, quickly, so that you begin realizing the payback on your BI investment as soon as possible.
Dashboards and User Interface - MetriLogic brings a unique perspective to the design of the end-user interface.  A formal background in cognitive science ensures that your dashboards and reports will be intuitive to use, complete for the power user, and easy for the occasional user.  MetriLogic brings the needed expertise in effective design of dashboards, scorecards, reports, and alerts for your business users.
Deployment & Training - MetriLogic works with you to identify the launch training needed to ensure that your deployment is successfully meeting the user's expectations and that they are prepared and empowered to take advantage of their new system.  We can also provide the technical systems and developer training to your own staff, bringing competent self-sufficiency to your organization.
Change Management - We understand that a BI system is not static, and follows a lifecycle of change enhancements. When you're ready, we can help you to extend the capabilities of your BI system to new audiences, to add additional data sources and scope, and to plan for addressing completely new application areas to further drive your business strategy.  MetriLogic wants to earn the priviledge of being your trusted advisor and partner for Business Intelligence.

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