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BI Dashboards 

Dashboards for Business Intelligence (BI) provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular business objective or business process, such as sales, operations, or customer satisfaction.  The term dashboard originates from the automobile dashboard where a driver can monitor the critical functions needed to reach their destination, such as speed, engine temperature, and fuel remaining.Business Dashboard

The dashboard does not need to provide every piece of information, and instead, should present

  • essential information - leading drivers that can forecast a deviation before it has become an unchangeable fact
  • using a format that is immediately apparent when indicators are on-target, above, or below-target,
  • the means to quickly determine ownership, and a path for corrective action,
  • information very close to real-time.

MetriLogic offers solutions for all classifications of dashboards: strategic, analytical, operational, or informational.  These all require unique functional and technical features, and will have different underlying data structures and data management processes.

User-interface design is critical

BI dashboard software has become very powerful. Because of all the flexibility and options, you face a daunting challenge to design a layout that will be intuitive, easy to understand and provide the critical information for your intended business-user audience.  Failing to create an effective design can doom a project, even if the correct data elements are available and included. This is where an experienced partner can help, in bringing best-practices for dashboard design to ensure that all of the different graphics, widgets and gauges are correctly applied, and result in a dashboard that works for the intended user.

 What MetriLogic offers for Business Dashboards:

  • ·      Strategy Development
  • ·      Dashboard Use-Case Design
  • ·      Technology Selection and Licensing (we support QlikView, Endeca, BusinessObjects Xcelsius and Explorer)
  • ·      Installation, Implementation, Deployment and Developer Training.


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 BI for Mobile Devices
To be most effective, your business intelligence needs to be with your employees at the point where they make decisions and take actions. For field staff, this means that your BI must be as available on mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and smart phones as it is on a desktop browser - without having to develop mobile-specific applications.
See how the leading Business Discovery software, QlikView, looks when it is on an Apple iPad. Get a feel for the Mobile experience in this 2-minute movie:

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